Acoustic alert

Introduction to the topic

The xControl/fpControl control panel has a warning buzzer to signal warnings and errors acoustically.
You can activate the warning buzzer in the menu of the control panel to receive acoustic warnings.
If you don’t want to receive acoustic warnings, you can deactivate the warning buzzer.

If a warning is active, the buzzer warns with a short signal tone. An error is signaled with a long tone.

All warning and error events can be signaled acoustically. Which event triggers a warning and / or an error can be found in the individual description of each event code. You will find links to the individual descriptions in the overview of all event codes.

Activating and deactivating the acoustic alert

Function call

Panel menu: panel > acoustic alert > turn on / off.

Step by step guide
  • Open menu item »panel«.
  • Select »acoustic alert«.
  • Select »on« to activate / »off« to deactivate the acoustic alert and confirm.
  • Select »confirm«.

Result: The acoustic alert is activated/deactivated.