Communication Interface CI – NMEA 2000┬«

Introduction to the topic

The ┬╗Communication Interface CI – NMEA 2000┬«┬ź is a gateway for integrating fpCAN-equipped Fischer Panda generators with an NMEA 2000┬« network. The ┬╗Communication Interface CI – NMEA 2000┬«┬ź converts fpCAN messages to NMEA 2000┬« messages so you can monitor your Fischer Panda Generator with NMEA 2000┬« displays. The ┬╗Communication Interface CI – NMEA 2000┬«┬ź is certified by NMEA 2000┬« (

Communication Interface CI - NMEA 2000
Fischer Panda ┬╗Communication Interface CI – NMEA 2000┬«┬ź

Frequenly asked questions

Which NMEA 2000® PGNs are supported?
NMEA 2000® NameNMEA 2000® PGN #
ISO Acknowledgement 059392
ISO Request059904
ISO Transport Protocol, Data Transfer060160
ISO Transport Protocol, Conn. Management060416
ISO Address Claim060928
ISO Commanded Address065240
NMEA Request / Command / Acknowledge126208
PGN List (Transmit and Receive)126464
Product Information126996
Configuration Information126998
Engine Parameters, Rapid Update127488
Engine Parameters, Dynamik127489
AGS Configuration Status127512
AGS Status127514
AC Power / Current Phase A127744
AC Power / Current Phase B 127745
AC Power / Current Phase C127746
AC Voltage / Frequency Phase A127747
AC Voltage / Frequency Phase B 127748
AC Voltage / Frequency Phase C127749

A detailed documentation of the NMEA 2000® PGNs has to be bought from the NMEA website.

Which J1939 PGNs are supported?
J1939 PGN NameJ1939 PGN #
GPCACR, Generator Phase C AC Reactive Power65019
GPCACP, Generator Phase C AC Power65020
GPCAC, Generator Phase C Basic AC Quantities65021
GPBACRP, Generator Phase B AC Reactive Power65022
GPBACP, Generator Phase B AC Power65023
GPBAC, Generator Phase B Basic AC Quantities65024
GPAACR, Generator Phase A AC Reactive Power65025
GPAACP, Generator Phase A AC Power65026
GPAAC, Generator Phase A Basic AC Quantities65027

A detailed documentation of the J1939 PGNs has to be bought from the SAE International website (SAE J1939-75 Generator Sets and Industrial Applications,

fpCAN SPNs translated to NMEA 2000® PGNs

The table shows which SPNs / PGNs of the fpCAN are translated into which NMEA 2000® PGNs.

J1939 SPN/PGNDescriptionNMEA 2000® PGN
190 / 61444 Engine Speed127488
100 / 65263Engine oil pressure127489
110 / 65262Engine coolant temperature127489
175 / 65262Engine oil temperature127489
247 / 65253Total engine hours127489
513 / 61444Percent engine/inverter load127489
520200 / 65281System battery voltage127489
2453 / 65026Generator Phase A Real Power127744
2449 / 65027Generator Phase A AC RMS Current127744
2454 / 65023Generator Phase B Real Power 127745
2450 / 65024Generator Phase B AC RMS Current 127745
2455 / 65020Generator Phase C Real Power 127746
2451 / 65021Generator Phase C AC RMS Current 127746
2441 / 65027Generator Phase AB Line to Line AC RMS Voltage127747
2445 / 65027Generator Phase A Line to Neutral AC RMS Voltage 127747
2437 / 65027Generator Phase A AC Frequency 127747
2442 / 65024Generator Phase BC Line to Line AC RMS Voltage 127748
2446 / 65024Generator Phase B Line to Neutral AC RMS Voltage 127748
2438 / 65024Generator Phase B AC Frequency 127748
2443 / 65021Generator Phase CA Line to Line AC RMS Voltage 127749
2447 / 65021Generator Phase C Line to Neutral AC RMS Voltage 127749
2439 / 65021Generator Phase C AC Frequency 127749
Which manufacturer code does Fischer Panda GmbH have?

The manufacturer code is 785 (0x311 hexadecimal).

Product Code, Class Code and Function Code of the ┬╗Communication Interface CI – NMEA 2000┬«┬ź
Product Code5636
Class Code35 – Electrical Generation
Function Code151 – AC Generator
Which Fischer Panda generators can be connected to the NMEA2000 network?

All Fischer Panda generators that come with xControl, iControl2 or fpControl can be connected to an NMEA 2000® network.

How to connect the ┬╗Communication Interface CI – NMEA 2000┬«┬ź?

Connect the Communication Interface with the five pin Micro-C male connector to the NMEA 2000® network.

fpCAN to NMEA 2000® connector