Communication Interface CI – NMEA 2000®

Introduction to the topic

The »Communication Interface CI – NMEA 2000®« is a gateway for integrating fpCAN-equipped Fischer Panda AC Generators with an NMEA 2000® network. The »Communication Interface CI – NMEA 2000®« converts fpCAN messages to NMEA 2000® messages so you can monitor your Fischer Panda AC Generator with NMEA 2000® displays. The »Communication Interface CI – NMEA 2000®« is certified by NMEA 2000® (

Communication Interface CI - NMEA 2000
Fischer Panda »Communication Interface CI – NMEA 2000®«

Frequenly asked questions

Which NMEA 2000® PGNs are supported?
NMEA 2000® NameNMEA 2000® PGN #
ISO Acknowledgement 059392
ISO Request059904
ISO Transport Protocol, Data Transfer060160
ISO Transport Protocol, Conn. Management060416
ISO Address Claim060928
ISO Commanded Address065240
ISO Software Version065242
NMEA Request / Command / Acknowledge126208
PGN List (Transmit and Receive)126464
Product Information126996
Configuration Information126998
AC Output Status127504
Engine Parameters, Rapid Update127488
Engine Parameters, Dynamik127489
AGS Configuration Status127512
AGS Status127514
AC Power / Current Phase A127744
AC Power / Current Phase B 127745
AC Power / Current Phase C127746
AC Voltage / Frequency Phase A127747
AC Voltage / Frequency Phase B 127748
AC Voltage / Frequency Phase C127749

A detailed documentation of the NMEA 2000® PGNs has to be bought from the NMEA website.

Which J1939 PGNs are supported?
J1939 PGN NameJ1939 PGN #
EEC1, Electronic Engine Controller #161444
GTACPP, Generator Total AC Percent Power64911
GPCACR, Generator Phase C AC Reactive Power65019
GPCACP, Generator Phase C AC Power65020
GPCAC, Generator Phase C Basic AC Quantities65021
GPBACRP, Generator Phase B AC Reactive Power65022
GPBACP, Generator Phase B AC Power65023
GPBAC, Generator Phase B Basic AC Quantities65024
GPAACR, Generator Phase A AC Reactive Power65025
GPAACP, Generator Phase A AC Power65026
GPAAC, Generator Phase A Basic AC Quantities65027
GAAC, Generator Average Basic AC Quantities65030
HOURS, Engine Hours65253

A detailed documentation of the J1939 PGNs has to be bought from the SAE International website (SAE J1939-75 Generator Sets and Industrial Applications,

PGNs with data for phases B and C are only transmitted for 3-phase generators.
fpCAN SPNs translated to NMEA 2000® PGNs

The table shows which SPNs / PGNs of the fpCAN are translated into which NMEA 2000® PGNs.

J1939 SPN/PGNDescriptionNMEA 2000® PGN
190 / 61444 Engine Speed127488
100 / 65263Engine oil pressure127489
110 / 65262Engine coolant temperature127489
175 / 65262Engine oil temperature127489
247 / 65253Total engine hours127489
513 / 61444Percent engine/inverter load127489
520200 / 65281System battery voltage127489
2453 / 65026Generator Phase A Real Power127744
2449 / 65027Generator Phase A AC RMS Current127744
2454 / 65023Generator Phase B Real Power 127745
2450 / 65024Generator Phase B AC RMS Current 127745
2455 / 65020Generator Phase C Real Power 127746
2451 / 65021Generator Phase C AC RMS Current 127746
2441 / 65027Generator Phase AB Line to Line AC RMS Voltage127747
2445 / 65027Generator Phase A Line to Neutral AC RMS Voltage 127747
2437 / 65027Generator Phase A AC Frequency 127747
2442 / 65024Generator Phase BC Line to Line AC RMS Voltage 127748
2446 / 65024Generator Phase B Line to Neutral AC RMS Voltage 127748
2438 / 65024Generator Phase B AC Frequency 127748
2443 / 65021Generator Phase CA Line to Line AC RMS Voltage 127749
2447 / 65021Generator Phase C Line to Neutral AC RMS Voltage 127749
2439 / 65021Generator Phase C AC Frequency 127749

The PGN fields transmit all data available for the generator. So with some generators not all fields (SPNs) contain valid data, for example, for the oil pressure.

Different multifunction displays show different subsets of the transmitted data. The »Communication Interface CI – NMEA 2000®« reports itself as an ac generator. Check your multifunction display concerning its supported PGNs.
Which manufacturer code does Fischer Panda GmbH have?

The manufacturer code is 785 (0x311 hexadecimal).

Product Code, Class Code and Function Code of the »Communication Interface CI – NMEA 2000®«
Product Code5636
Class Code35 – Electrical Generation
Function Code151 – AC Generator
Which Fischer Panda generators can be connected to the NMEA2000 network?

All Fischer Panda generators that come with xControl, iControl2 or fpControl can be connected to an NMEA 2000® network.

How to connect the »Communication Interface CI – NMEA 2000®«?

Connect the Communication Interface with the five pin Micro-C male connector to the NMEA 2000® network.

fpCAN to NMEA 2000® connector
Can I change the NMEA Device Instance (ISO ECU Instance)?

Yes, you can change the NMEA device instance (ISO-ECU instance). Use the PGN 126208 to request the ISO address claim message PGN 60928. Specify the fields 3 and 4 in the request. For a detailed description, use the original documentation from the NMEA that has to be bought from the NMEA website.

Is it possible to switch the generator on and off via NMEA 2000®?

Use the PGN 126208 to access the PGN 127512 (AGS Configuration Status) in command mode. Specify the field 3 in the request. For a detailed description, use the original documentation from the NMEA that has to be bought from the NMEA website.