Datasheet »fpControl Generator Control – Servo«


The »fpControl Generator Control – Servo« (fpControl GC-S) is a Generator Control for Fischer Panda asynchronous generators, variable speed Generators, AGT DC generators and inverter synchronous generators.

Product Description

As the main component of the fpControl system, the Generator Control »fpControl Generator Control – Servo« (fpControl GC-S) takes all monitoring and control functions.

The Generator Control communicates with the other system components via the »fpCAN«.

During operation, the Generator Control »fpControl GC-S« monitors critical operating conditions and switches off the generator in case of a fault. Each event is logged in the event memory of the »fpControl GC-S« together with the operating hour of the event.

The »fpControl GC-S« is suitable for 12 V and 24 V starting systems and is installed inside the generator capsule.

»fpControl Generator Control - Servo« (fpControl GC-S)
»fpControl Generator Control – Servo« (fpControl GC-S)
»fpControl Generator Control - Servo« (fpControl GC-S), Printed Circuit Board
»fpControl Generator Control – Servo« – Printed Circuit Board


42-pin socket »X301«

»fpControl Generator Control - Servo« - 42-pin socket
»fpControl Generator Control – Servo« – 42-pin socket
1Digital Output, Glowing
2Analog Input, Reserve Temperature
3Digital Output, Inverter Supply / Digital Output, Boost (VCS)
4Digital Output, Water Pump (Marine) / Digital Output Fan (Vehicle)
5Digital Output, Universal Output 2 (5A)
6Digital Output, Flame Plug
7Digital Output, Universal Output 1 (1A)
8Digital Output, Power Contactor
9Bus GND
10Bus CAN2, CAN High (Engines with SAE J1939 Protocol)
11Servomotor, Voltage Supply (VCCS)
12GND, Transfer Board
13GND, Transfer Board
14DC Supply (Battery “+”)
15Digital Output, Starter
16Analog Input, Reserve Temperature
17Analog Input, Coolant Temperature
18Analog Input, Exhaust Temperature
19Digital Input, Oil Pressure Switch
20Digital Input, Remote Start
21Digital Input, Emergency Stop “+”
22Bus CAN1, CAN High (Fischer Panda Bus)
23Bus CAN2, CAN Low (Engines with SAE J1939 Protocol)
24Bus Voltage (U-Bus)
25Servomotor, GNDS
26PWM Output (internal Water Pump)
27Pick-Up Sensor
28DC supply, Starter Battery “+”
29Digital Output, DP+
30Analog Input, Internal Cooling Circuit Temperature “In”
31Analog Input, Internal Cooling Circuit Temperature “Out”
32Analog Input, Winding Temperature
33GND, Oil Pressure
34GND, analog sensors
35Digital Input, Emergency Stop “-“
36Bus CAN1, CAN Low (Fischer Panda Bus)
37Bus, Wake-Up
38GND, Transfer Board
39Servomotor, PWM
40PWM Output (Reserve)
41PWM Output (Reserve)
42DC Supply, Starter Battery “-” (GND)

Environmental specifications and physical data

Ambient temperature-40 °C – +125 °C (max.)
Operating temperature90° C
Supply voltage12 V oder 24 V, Automotive (12–13,5 V or 24–28 V)
Rated current consumption< 66 mA @ 12 V
< 77 mA @ 24 V
HousingAutomotive, PBT GF30
Protection classIP65
Overall dimensions117 mm x 136 mm (including connector)
Connector42-pin connector
Weight0,25 kg
FP part number0029554
Printed circuit boardFP1704