Inverter softstart with fpControl

Introduction to the topic

You can use the additional start function “inverter softstart” to avoid problems when starting large electrical loads. If this function is activated, the inverter carries out measures at start-up to limit the power when switching on the loads (softstart).

Starting large electrical loads can cause problems if they are turned on abruptly:
– The high inrush current can exceed the maximum current and lead to an error shutdown.
– The output voltage of the inverter can break in.
– The diesel engine can be stalled.

Activating inverter softstart

The additional start function “inverter softstart” can be activated using the control panel.

  • Open menu “panel”.
  • Select “add. start function” and confirm.
  • Select “inverter softstart” and confirm.
  • Intermediate result: “inverter softstart” is activated.

Carrying out inverter softstart

  • Requirement: The function “inverter softstart” must be activated, see above.
A long press on the [start / stop] key carrys out the inverter softstart. Pressing the [start / stop] key shortly always starts the inverter without softstart, even if the inverter softstart function is activated in the panel menu.
  • Keep [start / stop] pressed until the info message “INVERTER SOFTSTART” is displayed.
  • Release [start / stop].
  • Result: The generator starts with inverter softstart.

Deactivating inverter softstart

  • Open menu “panel”.
  • Select “add. start function” and confirm.
  • Select “no function” and confirm.
  • Result “inverter softstart” is deactivated.

Download a PDF on this topic.