fpControl – Start without inverter

Introduction to the topic

In order to check whether the inverter causes a fault, it is often a first test to start the generator without an inverter. The function “Start without inverter” (start w/o inverter) is an additional start function for this use case. It simulates the engine revolution so that the generator can be started without inverter in case of service.

The generator control “fpControl” receives the engine revolution from the inverter, which sends the value on the CAN interface. The function “Start without inverter” simulates the engine revolution. Therefore the start without inverter is possible.

Activating “Start without inverter”

The additional start function can be activated using the control panel.

  • Open menu “panel”.
  • Select “add. start function” and confirm.
  • Select “start w/o inverter” and confirm.
  • Intermediate result: “Start without inverter” is activated.

Carrying out “Start without inverter”

No rotation monitoring / evaluation.
If the generator is started via the “Start without inverter” function, no speed evaluation and no speed monitoring are carried out.
► Start the generator without inverter only in case of service.
  • Requirement: The function “Start without inverter” must be activated, see above.
Property damage to the generator due to continuous operation of the starter.
If the starter is operated too long, it can overheat.
At marine generators cooling water can enter the exhaust system.
► Do not press the start button for more than 10 seconds. Then, pause for 10 seconds.
  • Keep [START] pressed until the start speed is reached.

In the control panel an info message appears:

  • Release [START].
  • Result: The generator is started.

The control panel displays the event 167 – “No rotation monitoring / evaluation”.

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Symbolic view

fpControl documents with an entry in the event log that the generator was started without an inverter.

Deactivating “Start without inverter”

For normal operation of the generator with connected inverter, the function for start without inverter must be deactivated to prevent unintentional use.

  • Open menu “panel”.
  • Select “add. start function” and confirm.
  • Select “no function” and confirm.
  • Result “Start without inverter” is deactivated.

Download a PDF on this topic.