Datasheet »iControl2« printed circuit board


The iControl2 printed circuit board is a generator control for use in all Fischer Panda inverter synchronous generators up to 60 kVA. As the main component of the iControl2 system, the generator control takes all monitoring and control functions of the inverter synchronous generator.

Product description

  • Analog inputs for temperature measurement (cylinder head, winding, exhaust and spare).
  • Analysis of the digital oil pressure signal (oil pressure switch).
  • Measuring the voltage, the frequency and the current on one phase of the AC side.
  • Digital semiconductor outputs for glow plugs (max. output current 26 A), starter motor (max. output current 10 A) and fuel pump (max. output current 5 A).
  • Spare output (max. output current 0,7 A).
  • Bridge for DC-Motor (max. 1,0 A).
  • PWM semiconductor output for controlling the servo motor.
  • RS485 interface for internal communication.
  • CAN interface for external communication.
  • During operation, the »iControl2« monitors critical operating conditions and switches off the generator in case of a fault.
  • Available for 12 V and 24 V starting systems.
  • Installed inside the generator capsule.


Connectors of the iControl2 printed circuit board
Connectors of the iControl2 printed circuit board
PL1Wire harness
PL2iControl2 panel
PL3internal j1939 based »fpCAN«
PL4Output glow plugs
PL5Phase L1 (load output to inverter)
PL6Supply voltage U+
PL7Winding L1 (input from winding L1)
PL8Phase L2 »IN / OUT« (input from winding L2 / load output to inverter)
PL9Phase L3 »IN / OUT« (input from winding L3 / load output to inverter)

Pin assignments

Pin assignment of »PL1« for wire harness

The iControl2 is connected to the wire harness with an 18-pin jack.

1not used
2Temperature cylinder headblack
3Temperature mixing elbow / exhaust manifold black
4Temperature windingblack
5spare input
6Oil pressureblack
7Emergency stopred
8GND temperature sensorsblue
10not used
11+5 V servo motorred
12PWM servo motoryellow
13spare output e. g. for fan control or collective alarm
14Fuel pumpbrown
15Fuel pumpbrown

Pin assignment of »PL2« for the iControl2 panel
  • RS485 interface
  • proprietary communication protocol
  • not galvanically separated
1U+ (+12 V)white
2GNDbrown and shield
3RZL *)green
4D-B (Databus, line B)grey
5D-A (Databus, line A)pink
6not used

*) RZL: Exciting line, is pulled to GND by the panel to switch on the iControl2.

Pin assignment of »PL3« for internal »fpCAN«

To operate the iControl2 in an »fpCAN« network, the »fpControl CAN Interface – SAE J1939« (fpControl CI-SAE J1939) is needed.
1U+ (+12 V)white
2CAN GNDbrown
3not used
4CAN lowgrey
5CAN highpink
6not used

Environmental specifications and physical data

Storage temperature-30 °C bis +105 °C
Operating temperature-20 °C bis +105 °C
Supply voltage12 V oder 24 V, Automotive (12–13,5 V or 24–28 V)
Rated current consumption175 mA @ 12 V
Standby Power Consumption2,5 mA @ 12 V
Hall element current sensormax. 20 A
Max. tightening torque of the connection bolts1,2 Nm
FP part number0000492 for 12 V start system
0005925 for 24 V start system


Adapter cable iControl2

For the connection to the Fischer Panda CAN bus »fpCAN« via the »fpControl CAN Interface – SAE J1939« (fpControl CI-SAE J1939) the adapter cable with the Fischer Panda article number 0008899 is required.