Adapter D-SUB 9 Pin Female (CiA-303-1) to RJ45 (Fischer Panda CAN)

Introduction to the topic

With the adapter, you can establish a connection between the 9 pin D-SUB socket of a CAN‑USB adapter and an RJ45 plug of the Fischer Panda CAN bus. You need the adapter to connect the Fischer Panda CAN bus to a PC using a CAN-USB adapter.

Connecting the Fischer Panda CAN bus to PC
Connecting the Fischer Panda CAN bus to PC
Communication failures due to missing bus termination.
If the CAN bus is not terminated, it may cause failures in the bus communication.
► When connecting the Fischer Panda CAN network to the CAN-USB adapter, always use the T-Adapter with connected bus termination.

Pin configuration

D-SUB 9 Pin FemaleAdapterSocket RJ45

Pin 1not used
Pin 2CAN low, orangePin 2
Pin 3GND, blackPin 3
Pin 4not used
Pin 5not used
Pin 6GND, yellowPin 6
Pin 7CAN high, blue Pin 1
Pin 8not used
Pin 9not used

Download a PDF on this topic here.