Generator type codes

With generator control »fpControl«, the generator types are classified into three groups. The generators are assigned to a generators group according to the type of technology. Each group is assigned a number range.

Generator type codesGenerators group
0000 – 1999 Inverter Generators
2000 – 3999 DC Generators
4000 – 5999 Asynchronous Generators

Type codes for Inverter Generators

Note: Fischer Panda Inverter Generators with »fpControl« are not yet available.

Type codes for DC Generators

Marine AGT (PMS)
Generator type codeGenerator typeSoftware
2011AGT 4000-24 V PMS0V07
2013AGT 6000-24 V PMS0V07
2014AGT 8000-24 V PMS0V07
2004AGT 10000-48 V PMS0V06
2005AGT 11000-48 V PMS0V06
2006AGT 13000-48V PMS0V06
2007AGT 15000-48V PMS0V06
2008AGT 18000-48V PMS0V06
2009AGT 22000-48V PMS0V06
Vehicle AGT (PV)
Generator type codeGenerator typeSoftware
2033AGT 4000-24 V PV 0V07
2035AGT 6000-24V PV 0V07
2036AGT 8000-24V PV 0V07
2028AGT 12000-48V PV 0V07
2029AGT 14000-48V PV0V07
2030AGT 16000-48V PV0V07
2043AGT 25000-48V PV 0V07

Type codes for Asynchronous Generators

Marine (PMS)
Generator type codeGenerator typeSoftware
4000P8000 230V 50Hz PMSN/A
4002P10000 230V 50Hz PMSN/A
4004P12000 230V 50Hz PMSN/A
4054P12000 400V 50Hz PMSN/A
4008P15000 230V 50Hz PMSN/A
4010P18 230V 50Hz PMSN/A
4060P18 400V 50Hz PMSN/A
4014P24 230V 50Hz PMSN/A
4064P24 400V 50Hz PMSN/A
4016P30 230V 50Hz PMSN/A
4066P30 400V 50Hz PMSN/A
4018P30 IC 230V 50Hz PMSN/A
4070P85 400V 50Hz PMS0V12
Vehicle (PV)
Generator type codeGenerator typeSoftware
4001P8000 230V 50Hz PVN/A
4003P10000 230V 50Hz PVN/A
4005P12000 230V 50Hz PVN/A
4055P12000 400V 50Hz PVN/A
4009P15000 230V 50Hz PVN/A
4011P18 230V 50Hz PVN/A
4061P18 400V 50Hz PVN/A
4015P24 230V 50Hz PVN/A
4065P24 400V 50Hz PVN/A
4017P30 230V 50Hz PVN/A
4067P30 400V 50Hz PVN/A