Generator type codes

With generator control »fpControl«, the generator types are classified into three groups. The generators are assigned to a generators group according to the type of technology. Each group is assigned a number range.

Generator type codesGenerators group
0000 – 1999 Inverter Generators
2000 – 3999 DC Generators
4000 – 5999 Asynchronous Generators

Type codes for Inverter Generators

Note: Fischer Panda Inverter Generators with »fpControl« are not yet available.

Type codes for DC Generators

Generator type codeGenerator typeSoftware
2000AGT 4000 48V PMS0V06
2001AGT 5000 48V PMS0V06
2002AGT 6000 48V PMS0V06
2003AGT 8000 48V PMS0V06
2004AGT 10000 48V PMS0V06
2005AGT 11000 48V PMS 0V06
2006AGT 13000 48V PMS0V06
2007AGT 15000 48V PMS0V06
2008AGT 18000 48V PMS0V06
2009AGT 22000 48V PMS0V06
2010AGT 25000 48V PMS0V06
2011AGT 4000 24V PMS0V07
2012AGT 5000 24V PMS0V07
2013AGT 6000 24V PMS0V07
2014AGT 8000 24V PMS0V07
2015AGT 10000 24V PMS0V07
2016AGT 11000 24V PMS0V07
2017AGT 13000 24V PMS0V07
2018AGT 15000 24V PMS0V07
2019AGT 18000 24V PMS0V07
2020AGT 22000 24V PMS0V07
2021AGT 25000 24V PMS0V07
2022AGT 4000 48V PV0V07
2023AGT 5000 48V PV0V07
2024AGT 6000 48V PV0V07
2025AGT 8000 48V PV0V07
2026AGT 10000 48V PV0V07
2027AGT 11000 48V PV0V07
2028AGT 13000 48V PV0V07
2029AGT 15000 48V PV0V07
2030AGT 18000 48V PV0V07
2031AGT 22000 48V PV0V07
2032AGT 25000 48V PV0V07
2033AGT 4000 24V PV0V07
2034AGT 5000 24V PV0V07
2035AGT 6000 24V PV0V07
2036AGT 8000 24V PV0V07
2037AGT 10000 24V PV0V07
2038AGT 11000 24V PV0V07
2039AGT 13000 24V PV0V07
2040AGT 15000 24V PV0V07
2041AGT 18000 24V PV0V07
2042AGT 22000 24V PV0V07
2043AGT 25000 24V PV0V07
3000AGT Hybrid Charger Prototype0V13

Type codes for Asynchronous Generators

Generator type codeGenerator typeSoftware
4000P8000 230V 50Hz PMSN/A
4001P8000 230V 50Hz PVSN/A
4002P10000 230V 50Hz PMSN/A
4003P10000 230V 50Hz PVSN/A
4004P12000 230V 50Hz PMSN/A
4005P12000 230V 50Hz PVSN/A
4006P13000 230V 50Hz PMSN/A
4007P13000 230V 50Hz PVSN/A
4008P15000 230V 50Hz PMSN/A
4009P15000 230V 50Hz PVSN/A
4010P18 230V 50Hz PMSN/A
4011P18 230V 50Hz PVSN/A
4012P20 230V 50Hz PMSN/A
4013P20 230V 50Hz PVSN/A
4014P24 230V 50Hz PMSN/A
4015P24 230V 50Hz PVSN/A
4016P30 230V 50Hz PMSN/A
4017P30 230V 50Hz PVSN/A
4018P30 IC 230V 50Hz PMSN/A
4019P30 IC 230V 50Hz PVSN/A
4050P8000 400V 50Hz PMSN/A
4051P8000 400V 50Hz PVSN/A
4052P10000 400V 50Hz PMSN/A
4053P10000 400V 50Hz PVSN/A
4054P12000 400V 50Hz PMSN/A
4055P12000 400V 50Hz PVSN/A
4056P13000 400V 50Hz PMSN/A
4057P13000 400V 50Hz PVSN/A
4058P15000 400V 50Hz PMSN/A
4059P15000 400V 50Hz PVSN/A
4060P18 400V 50Hz PMSN/A
4061P18 400V 50Hz PVSN/A
4062P20 400V 50Hz PMSN/A
4063P20 400V 50Hz PVSN/A
4064P24 400V 50Hz PMSN/A
4065P24 400V 50Hz PVSN/A
4066P30 400V 50Hz PMSN/A
4067P30 400V 50Hz PVSN/A
4068P30 IC 400V 50Hz PMSN/A
4069P30 IC 400V 50Hz PVSN/A
4070P85 400V 50Hz PMS0V12
4100P35 4 120V 60Hz PMSN/A
4101P35 4 120V 60Hz PVSN/A