fpControl – Pin assignment

1Digital Output, Glowing
2Analog Input, Reserve Temperature
3Digital Output, Inverter Supply / Digital Output, Boost (VCS)
4Digital Output, Water Pump (Marine) / Digital Output Fan (Vehicle)
5Digital Output, Universal Output 2 (5A)
6Digital Output, Flame Plug
7Digital Output, Universal Output 1 (1A)
8Digital Output, Power Contactor
9Bus GND
10Bus CAN2, CAN High (Engines with SAE J1939 Protocol)
11Servomotor, Voltage Supply (VCCS)
12GND, Transfer Board
13GND, Transfer Board
14DC Supply (Battery “+”)
15Digital Output, Starter
16Analog Input, Reserve Temperature
17Analog Input, Coolant Temperature
18Analog Input, Exhaust Temperature
19Digital Input, Oil Pressure Switch
20Digital Input, Remote Start
21Digital Input, Emergency Stop “+”
22Bus CAN1, CAN High (Fischer Panda Bus)
23Bus CAN2, CAN Low (Engines with SAE J1939 Protocol)
24Bus Voltage (U-Bus)
25Servomotor, GNDS
26PWM Output (internal Water Pump)
27Pick-Up Sensor
28DC supply, Starter Battery “+”
29Digital Output, DP+
30Analog Input, Internal Cooling Circuit Temperature “In”
31Analog Input, Internal Cooling Circuit Temperature “Out”
32Analog Input, Winding Temperature
33GND, Oil Pressure
34GND, analog sensors
35Digital Input, Emergency Stop “-“
36Bus CAN1, CAN Low (Fischer Panda Bus)
37Bus, Wake-Up
38GND, Transfer Board
39Servomotor, PWM
40PWM Output (Reserve)
41PWM Output (Reserve)
42DC Supply, Starter Battery “-” (GND)