Adjusting the parameters for the servomotor

The servo motor moves between the position in which the generator is stopped (stop position) and the position in which the generator operates at full load. In the application software, default values for the stop position, the start position, the idle position and the position at full load are stored depending on the generator type. You can adjust the default values for these four positions in the “actuator-setup” menu.

Direct software update of bus modules

To update bus modules on the Fischer Panda CAN bus, you usually transfer the software update files to the generator control first. Only the generator control can distribute updates to other bus modules.
With the direct software update, in this tutorial we introduce you to a method, you can use to update individual bus modules directly. You will use the fpControl panel to send one or more update files directly to a bus module.

J1939 Communication interface – Address claiming and static addresses

If there is more than one J1939 CAN interface in the Fischer Panda CAN bus, each interface needs a different bus address. This is achieved by “Address Claiming”, in which the bus sharing units negotiate addresses with each other.
In some applications, it may be necessary for a CAN interface to have a fixed static address that never changes.